Cutting-edge technology from BERGERecotrail

All the advantages that we at BERGERecotrail offer you are based on consistent and comprehensive quality awareness: thus, testing the semi-trailer begins long before the first drive and before the first trials in the laboratory: in the minds of our engineers. Then: the harder we actually make it for ourselves, the easier it is for you to find out about the quality of our semi-trailers.

Quality control tests: ambitious goals also exceeded

At BERGERecotrail, we subject all components of the semi-trailer to complex sets of calculations and optimise them down to the last detail - long before the first 1:1 prototypes are created. These must first withstand the highest of loads with the trailer being put through its paces on a challenging proving ground. Only then does road testing take place - during which our own high goals are regularly exceeded.

Outer frame: using steel of unlimited possibilities

In order to allow you to secure loads in diverse positions and across the entire profile, sufficient lashing rings and dozens of closely-spaced recesses are integrated in the outer frame of the semi-trailer. These feature inward-facing projections which have been designed to increase both the strength and stability as well as providing flexible accommodation of the load securing hooks. 

Supporting structure: maximum strength, minimum use of materials

In two extremely slender longitudinal beams made of special S 700 fine-grain steel, recesses in the form of "Reauleaux triangles" are made in the web plate using precision tools. The functional interaction between the quality of the steel and geometry facilitates a high-strength welding wire that is gently processed within a calculated temperature window. 

Floor: Hard, harder, hard wood

Each panel on the semi-trailer consists of 13 layers of compacted hardwood which are bonded under high pressure with glass fibre mats laid in different directions. This means that the floor can reliably withstand the highest loads from forklifts as well as concentrated loads resulting from the cargo placement. The panels are screwed to the cross beams and cut uniformly 1,500 mm x 2,350 mm for easy and simple replacement. 



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Service bases

At BERGERecotrail, we rely on a Europe-wide network of component partners for supplying the most important parts of every semi-trailer. Furthermore, we have selected service partners of our own.

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Sales partners

Our BERGERecotrail semi-trailers are available throughout Europe. Find out more about our sales offices here.


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In cooperation with well-known manufacturers and partners, we at BERGERecotrail provide a reliable network of products and services across Europe.