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An investment that pays off.

At BERGERecotrail, we build the lightest semi-trailers on the market with sustainable success. Our payload optimization concept allows you to transport up to 2.5 tonnes more goods. This reduces your costs for fuel, toll charges and CO2 emissions. With these savings, your investment will pay for itself after two years on average. Convince yourself through our success stories.

Our recipe for success: minimum dead weight + maximum sustainability = green excellence.

Sustainably successful

Our trademark is a semi-trailer that literally keeps what it promises. Due to its low weight with unimpaired stability, you benefit from lower costs and an increase in earnings. Furthermore, you significantly reduce the CO2 emissions of your fleet and help create a greener future.

up to 2,500kg more payload**

7% reduction in journeys**

2.5l fuel savings per 100 km**

7.93kg* CO2 reduction per 100km

**depending on type and equipment

*Greenhouse Gas Protocol

Your earnings potential

The reduced dead weight of our semi-trailers lowers fuel consumption, minimises wear and tear and thus cuts your costs per trip. In addition, the minimised dead weight of the trailer allows you to transport more goods for your customers. Due to the increased loading capacity of each trailer, you can serve additional customers or save on journeys. The operating costs of your vehicle fleet decrease.

Your clear competitive advantage in the market.  

savings in fuel costs

up to 2.5 t more payload

Less toll costs

Competitive advantage


7% fewer journeys

Thanks to its lightweight construction, the Bergerecotrail saves fuel every time it is loaded. This makes it more efficient and cheaper in the long term than other semi-trailers. CO2 emissions are reduced overall and an important contribution is made to ecological climate targets.
Andreas Diez
Managing Director Spedition Diez

130 less journeys

A customer's success story: through the use of our payload-optimised BERGERecotrail, Samuel Amsler AG saves 130 journeys a year.


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Cutting-edge technology in a lightweight construction

Due to our 25 years of experience in the development of a unique chassis technology, the trailers from BERGERecotrail are considerably lighter, more stable and more durable than conventional lightweight trailers.

One characteristic of this cutting-edge technology is the Reuleaux triangle. Thanks to its unique contour, it combines ultimate lightness with maximum stability.

25 years experience

higher payload

reduced vehicle fleet costs

reduction in CO2-emissions

individual solutions

available Europe-wide

Why BERGERecotrail?


Minimum dead weight brings maximum payload.

Your advantage: Higher loading volumes means fewer trips. Your operating costs fall while margins rise.

Fewer journeys and lower weight reduce CO2 emissions.

Your semi-trailers become rolling statements for environmental protection. You stand out positively from the competition.

A lower weight reduces fuel consumption and wear.

As a result, this will definitely save you money - whether you use the maximum payload or not.
green excellence

Highest quality standards for the highest processing quality.

From the design and production through to the final inspection only the highest quality standards apply. You invest in a premium product that pays dividends.

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