Amsler payload-optimised

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Samuel Amsler AG has consistently given 100 per cent for the past 100 years. At least we always strive to do everything we can in order to carry out an order efficiently and smoothly.

We, the Samuel Amsler AG, is a family-run company now in the third generation that has been solving the most complex transport tasks far beyond the borders of Switzerland for over 100 years.

One of the most recent challenges was transporting approx. 4000 concrete elements in Switzerland. Each of the elements weighed a hefty 4,600kg. Through the use of the payload-optimised BERGERecotrail, we were able to transport six elements with a total weight of approx. 28,000 kg during each trip. This was a total of 660 journeys. With a conventional vehicle, we could have only transported five elements and thus have had to make 130 trips more for the same amount of cargo. In this way, efficiency, environmental protection, increased margins and lower traffic volume could be achieved using a payload-optimised vehicle. Here, two strong partners were brought together.


Source: taken from a conversation with a customer