Berger Ecotrail

The four "E´s" of cargo transportation

Our semi-trailers and trailers have been systematically developed based on the fulfillment of those central requirements found in cargo transportation: Economy, Ecology, Efficiency and Excellence.

These four "E´s" provide a decisive edge that pays off - with the following key competitive advantages:

economy – more payload

The minimized tare weight of the semi-trailers results in maximum payload. Your transport capacity is increased along with less tours and lower fleet operating costs -  thus boosting your profit margins. 

ecology – promoting environmental protection

Fewer road trips and lower weight mean less fuel consumption, reduced exhaust emissions and noise, and protecting both people and the environment. 

Every BERGERecotrail® semi-trailer is a rolling statement for more environmental protection and very positively sets the user apart from the competition.

efficiency – less fuel consumption

The reduced weight of the semi-trailer lowers the fuel consumption and minimizes wear and tear. As a result, running costs decrease in any case - regardless whether the maximum payload has been fully utilised or not.

excellence – highest possible quality

From the design process and production through to the final inspection - BERGERecotrail®.