Berger Ecotrail

TESY partial load-securing system from BERGERecotrail®

Cargo control regulations are becoming ever more stringent. Therefore, all BERGERecotrail® vehicles are certified according to DIN EN 12642 Code XL as a minimum which largely solves the problem regarding form-locked complete loads. Partial loads usually have to be positioned at a distance from the front wall and secured separately because of the axle loads. In this respect, the certified (14.5 t) modular TESY load-securing system from BERGERecotrail® is now available.

TESY from BERGERecotrail® is available in four heights (1800, 1400, 1000 and 600mm) and can be fitted at any position on the trailer as protection against possible forward movement of cargo as well as to the rear. The individual components of TESY from BERGERecotrail® are made of galvanized S700 fine-grained steel and can be assembled and dismantled in a matter of minutes by one person without any tools. For storing the parts, there is a designated storage box which is mounted transversely to the direction of travel at the rear of the BERGERecotrail® semi-trailer. It is fitted with flaps on the right and left which means loading and unloading can easily take place.