Berger Ecotrail

State-of-the-art technology from BERGERecotrail®

All the advantages that are opened up to you through BERGERecotrail® are based on consistent and integrated quality of thinking.

Thus the testing of the semi-trailer begins long before the first tour and before the first laboratory tests: in the minds of our engineers.

Then, the harder we make it for ourselves, the easier it will be for you to experience the quality of our semi-trailers!

Here are several examples:

Quality tests. Ambitious targets are also exceeded.

With BERGERecotrail® semi-trailers, all components are subject to complex calculations and optimized down to the last detail before the first 1:1 prototypes are realised. These are first of all exposed to maximum loading conditions at a closed test facility. Only then does practical testing take place on the roads whereby even our own ambitious targets are regularly exceeded.

Outer frame. The steel of unlimited possibilities.

In order to allow cargo control to be carried out using a wide range of positions and along the entire profile, a large number of lashing rings along with dozens of recesses in close proximity to each other have been integrated in the outer frame of the semi-trailer. These feature inward-facing projections which have been designed to increase both the strength and stability as well as providing flexible accommodation of the load securing hooks. 

Support structure. Maximum strength, minimum use of materials.

In two extremely slim longitudinal beams made of special S 700 fine-grained steel, recesses in the form of "Reuleaux triangles" have been formed in the web plate by means of precision metalworking tools. The functional interaction between the steel quality and well-designed geometry has been achieved by using high-strength welding wire whereby the material is carefully processed within a calculated temperature window.

Floor. Hard, harder, hardwood.

Each panel of the semi-trailer consists of 13 layers of compressed hardwood which are connected together under high pressure using a special adhesive and differently positioned fibre glass mats. Through this, the floor can reliably withstand the high loads exerted by fork-lift trucks and point loads of the freight. The panels are bolted to the cross beams and uniformly cut to a size of 1,500 mm x 2,350 mm which allows easy replacement.